How to Play and Win at Caravan in Fallout: New Vegas

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Bethesda Softworks

Here is a video on how to play and win at the card game Caravan for the game Fallout: New Vegas.

A short breakdown on the strategy to win at Caravan is as follows:

  1. Set up your Caravan deck to have at least three 7's, three 9's, and three 10's.
  2. Make sure you have at least three 10's in your hand when you start to place cards down on the tracks.
  3. Place a 10 on each track.
  4. Find the track the computer is not working on, and place a 9 and then a 7 down on the track, winning that track.
  5. Do the same method as above on the other track the computer does not have 26 on yet and win the track.
  6. Profit?
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You were discussing this

You were discussing this yesterday and I was confused at first, but now I see what you meant.  However, I think with the recent patch updates and there's been a handful since the posting of this video, this method doesn't work anymore.   I may be mistaken, unlikely but possible :P, but when you discard a card now it goes back to the NPCs turn where as in this video you can discard as many cards as you want.   Either way, 10-9-7, 7-9-10 strategy can still work, but I just used a randomly generated deck and learned how to apply the face cards to smack the NPC around. :b

So just tried it again, and guess it still works.  Not sure why I thought your turn ended if you discarded, would definitely make the game more challenging but I just played with what I had. :D

IN ADDITION :P  You can continuously discard cards and get new ones only if you don't have all your tracks filled yet.  Otherwise a discard counts as your turn.  That's where I saw it from.  Either way!