How to Get a House in Whiterun - Breezehome - Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

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If your like me and having trouble hauling all your gear around Skyrim, you might need to look at getting a house for both storage and for resting without paying at an inn. The cheapest house in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Breezehome, a house you can buy in Whiterun after becoming Thane of Whiterun. Becoming Thane is easy enough, do some simple quests for the Earl of Whiterun and his steward will offer a deed to the house for 5000 gold. The house takes about a total of 6800 gold to be fully furnished, but the money is well worth the extra storage space and an alchemy table of your very own to experiment with various potions in your own house.

The location of the house Breezehome is right near the front entrance of Whiterun, right across the street from the Drunken Hunter and just past the blacksmith on the right. If you think 5000 gold is too much, maybe it is too soon for you at the moment to actually get the house. At about level 10, I started to make money easier then before, selling off armor I did not need while creating jewelry out of what I found in my journey to get quick money and level up my speech ability. Even easier to do is kill a dragon as the scales and bones can fetch a pretty penny to the right buyer. 

On a side note, if you intend to join the Stormcloaks early in the game, buy the house first in Whiterun before invading. For some reason, the steward of whiterun that you speak about furnishing your home has no counterpart in the Stormcloak owned Whiterun. So pretty much you can get Breezehome, however you can not upgrade it.

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