How to Activate an Amazon PC Game on Steam

Game Information

Several people are now finding that has sales that either match or rival Steam's own digital game sales, but many do not want to handle the hassle of dealing with Amazon itself for game management and downloads. What they don't realize is that many games found on Amazon can be downloaded and handled from Steam without any hassle at all. Here is how you activate an Amazon PC Game on Steam.

1. Well, the first step is to buy the game on that you want

2. Near the top-right of the page on Amazon, click on the link "Your Digital Items" after you are logged into your Amazon account

Your Digital Items

3. On the next page, your going to look for a link called "Your Games & Software Library" and click on it

Your Games and Software Library

4. Once on the page, locate the game you wish to be handled by Steam and copy the Activation Key for later entry into Steam

Get Activation Key

5. Now start Steam on the PC which you wish to play the game on

6. Once logged in and at the main Steam window, located the "Add A Game" link located in the bottom-left corner

Add A Game

7. Select the "Activate a Product on Steam" option

8. Follow the directions in the new window that appears

9. When it asks for the product key, enter in the Activation Key you copied down earlier from Amazon

10. Follow the rest of the directions and your game should start downloading and be handled by Steam for updates and achievements